KTN Background and Promotional Materials

The KLF launched a library-published teen newspaper as a community engagement tool and to provide a platform for fostering local youth voices. The purpose of this initiative is to connect a community of inquisitive and expressive teens, support media literacy, and increase the relevancy of library services among the teen population.

Full list of objectives:

  • Provide a platform for teens to express their voice
  • Cultivate traditional literacy skills such as writing
  • Application of real-life tech skills, eg. email etiquette, word processing, attaching documents, etc.
  • Opportunity to learn more sophisticated tech skills, Eg. graphic design in Adobe InDesign
  • Training for media skills, eg. How to interview, how to write a column, etc.
  • Provide job-readiness experience to put on their resume
  • Foster media and news literacy eg, what is fake news, importance of sources, journalist ethics, etc.
  • Provide a place of connection of peers with similar interests
  • Offer validation from peers and adults in the community
  • Encourage and model civic engagement

How it works:

The editorial teams provides guidance to teens in creating news stories – by working with them personally, putting on workshops throughout the year on local journalism and potentially matching them up with a mentor. We produce an issue every second month and send physical copies to each library in the Kootenays. We will have a digital version that can be shared across social media platforms.

Here is how you can get involved:

Share this opportunity with your community by putting a poster up, posting on social media channels, sharing it in your newsletter, and telling the youth you know about the opportunity.

Here is a blurb you can put in your newsletters:

Kootenay Teen News:The Kootenay Libraries are publishing a Kootenay-wide newspaper created by teens for teens! Interested in getting involved? We need all sorts of content creators: writers, reporters, artists, photo-journalists. We can teach you everything you need to know! Do you have a story idea for us? We would love to hear it! Get in touch with Editor Melodie Rae at mstorey@nelson.ca


Paid Internship Opportunity

Generously funded by the Columbia Basin Trust, Kootenay Teen News is now able to provide a paid internship to youth creators/writers/thinkers who are Black/African Descent as a way to uncover and honour Black presence in the Kootenays. The newspaper will set them up with a mentorship with artist Shayna Jones who will walk them through a research, exploration, creation process centered on the stories of Black life discovered through the Basin – past and present. The youth will then have the opportunity to publish their findings in the newspaper. The internship runs from January 2023- March 2023. Find out more by emailing Melodie Rae at mstorey@nelson.ca.

Comic Workshop on Zoom

October 5th 7-8pm pm on zoom. Register by emailing mstorey@nelson.ca.

The Art of Collaboration – a discussion and demonstration of working together to create comic books and strips. Ian and Pia will be comparing and contrasting the creation of the single panel gag comic strip and the editorial cartoon. And even if you are working on your own, they’ll be demonstrating how to collaborate with yourself by isolating different aspects of creativity.

About Ian and Pia:

Ian Boothby is a Eisner and Canadian Comedy Award winning writer, comedian and cartoonist who was the main writer on The Simpsons and Futurama comics and the co-creator of the bestselling Sparks! series of books for Scholastic and Exorsisters for Image Comics.

Pia Guerra is a Harvey and Eisner Award winner as well as a New York Times bestselling author who co-created and illustrated the acclaimed comic book Y The Last Man for DC Comics as well as being an associate producer on the FX television series. Pia was the first woman to get her own regular feature in MAD Magazine and is her editorial cartoons appear regularly in The Washington Post.

Together, Ian and Pia had a regular feature in MAD Magazine, do a single panel comic for Go Comics called Mannequin on the Moon and have been Rueben nominated for their work in The New Yorker Magazine.