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Program Details / Background

The KLF launched a library-published teen newspaper as a community engagement tool and to provide a platform for fostering local youth voices. The purpose of this initiative is to connect a community of inquisitive and expressive teens, support media literacy, and increase the relevancy of library services among the teen population.

Full list of objectives:

  • Provide a platform for teens to express their voice
  • cultivate traditional literacy skills such as writing
  • application of real-life tech skills, eg. email etiquette, word processing, attaching documents, etc.
  • opportunity to learn more sophisticated tech skills, Eg. graphic design in Adobe InDesign
  • training for media skills, eg. How to interview, how to write a column, etc.
  • provide job-readiness experience to put on their resume
  • foster media and news literacy eg, what is fake news, importance of sources, journalist ethics, etc.
  • provide a place of connection of peers with similar interests
  • offer validation from peers and adults in the community
  • encourage and model civic engagement

How it works:

The KTN sub-committee will provide guidance to teens in creating news stories – by working with them personally, putting on workshops throughout the year on local journalism and potentially, if there is enough interest, matching them up with a mentor. We will put out an issue in the fall – and will send 20 physical copies to each library for you to hand out, as well we will have a digital version for libraries to share with their communities.

Here is how you can get involved:

Share this opportunity with your community by putting a poster up, posting on facebook post, sharing it in your newsletter, and telling the youth you know about the opportunity.

Here is a blurb you can put in your newsletters:

  • Kootenay Teen News: The Kootenay Library Federation is introducing a Kootenay-wide newspaper created by teens for teens! Interested in getting involved? We need all sorts of content creators: writers, reporters, photojournalists. We can teach you everything you need to know! Get in touch by emailing Melodie Rae at mstorey@nelson.ca.

Join the sub-committee!

Currently there are two library staff and we would love to have more hands involved. You could be involved as much or as little as you’d like. Duties might include editing, generating story ideas, helping with logistics, finding resources for teens with specific training requests, or any number of unknown things at this point.